Well this will be my first attempt at providing some restoration help.  First off let warn you that I am not an expert. The few things that I know how to do I have learned from others or have fiddled with myself.  I am pretty okay with the sewing machine as long as I have a good pattern to go by or a old garment to make one from.  That is how I came to create a pattern for Cinderella and her new dress.

I dismantled her old dress into three pieces. The skirt, the shirt and the sleeves.  This was the logical progression of recreating the dress.
Now let me start off by saying I am not a purist and if you are that is great.  As someone had put it on one of the discussion forums. Bob Pelham would be very proud to know that someone has taken to improving his design. So that is the way I feel about some things.  Why not try something different and instead of the same pink and white dress. The Cinderella dress that i created is a brilliant red Chinese silk with small orange flowers embroidered on it.  I used a orange satin ribbon to tie the waist and as an improvement on the original I used ribbon to create pleats in the sleeves to give it the ballooning look.  Then tied the ribbon into small bows. It looks very nice.

I am going to post the pattern and instructions in an adobe format so you can print them out as close to actual size as possible.  I will also try and go in and do a metric conversion on them for my UK friends.

If you have any patterns that you would like to share please email me with your name, pattern, and instructions.  I will post them ASAP.


Cinderella Before
Cinderella After
Cinderella Pattern and Instructs
Click on red link to download.
This is a PDF file.
Here are some pictures of my SM Boy and SM Girl that I worked on yesterday.  There clothing was falling apart and need to be redone.

The SM Boys shirt was made out of a blue plaid that had a rubber backing on it.  It had gotten old and crispy in some attic and basically was disintegrating as I took it off.  His new shirt was made out of an woman's Abercrombie dress shirt that I had gotten for a dollar at Goodwill. I soaked his collar over night in some hot water and Oxyclean and it took all the yellowing out of it.

The SM Girls dress was mildew stained and moth eaten. Her orange shirt was in good shape but had some mildew stains on it.  Took the dress apart and re-maid it using a blazer that i also got at Goodwill for a dollar. Her orange shirt I placed in my delicates laundry bag and washed it with a load of clothes that i had going. Came out good as new.

I got a little over enthusiastic when i was working on her dress and forgot to take a before picture of her. Have added a picture of her original dress.

If you would like patterns for these items please email me .


These are the before pictures.
Click on picture for a larger view.
After Picture