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Pelham Puppets Online is a UK based site dedicated to Pelham Puppet collectors madeby
the Pelham Puppet Company, Marlborough, England from 1947 to 1992.

This Website is dedicated to the puppet creations of the late Bob Pelham, to their collectors and
admirers around the world and to keeping the magic of Pelham Puppets alive for future generations to discover and enjoy.

Keeping a Pelham Puppet alive and well is not such a mystery and requires only a little
love and patience. I hope that you too can discover the joy of bringing one back from the brink of oblivion.

If you are looking to start a Pelham collection great places to look are antique stores, thrift shops and          .
There are also some great products out there.

One of my favorites is from pennybluepansy an ebay seller. She provides great quality string that you can purchase on ebay.
" I can supply you with excellent replacement strings to use with most pelham puppets---- all colours. Each set has enough to restring two puppets Each set contains 2 black strings and a yellow each 180cm long A red and a green string 336cm long and a blue string 366cm long. They are made from pure linen like the strings of the fifties and are as close to the original string as you can get They have the non-tangle quality of the original Pelham strings.Please e.mail me if you need a complete set of black strings or another combination of colours.My feedback for these items has been incredible so please have a look. My strings cannot be beaten for price or quality and I always post same day if they are ordered before 4pm. "   The cost including shipping to the US is just under $5.00.

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Dr Pelham's Puppet Surgery
Just for fun
If you are also a fan of Seasame Stree you have to check out the link below.
This is a great show called Avenue Q
Now before you bring the kiddies in to look at there web site please be warned that this is a adult show. It is a bit off colour and cheeky.