Welcome to Pelham-Puppets.net!! In the upcoming weeks I am  introducing a new site that collectors can share there stories and pictures of there collections along with articles and information contributed by others. I would also like to start a market place where you can purchase from others items such as string, mohair, vintage cloth, puppets and the elusive parts. 
let me reassure you I am not setting this site up to make a profit or even any money.  If you would like to sell items or you have items that you have listed on another site such as ebay I would love to put a link to them on my page.

A bit about me:

My name is Mason Hite and I live in Phoenix Az.  I was given my first Pelhams by my parents as a child, An SS Sailor and SS Fritzi.  They had been with me up until my twenties when through a misfortunate living arrangement they disappeared.  A few years later I was bored and searching through ebay and did a random search I thought it would be fun to see if I could replace them.  Well almost five years later I have one SS Sailor he is from the early 50's and I hate to admit it but 4 Fritzis. My collection now is in the about 50-60 range. It was the start of a pleasurable addiction.  I am starting work on cataloging all my Pelhams and hopefully will have them posted in a gallery on the site before long.  Some of them are near mint and others have been well loved and played with. 

I am a collector and a fan.  I am not an expert by any means and have to ask millions of questions myself about how to do things. 

If you are interested in getting involved in this project please e-mail me.  A bit of fair warning I am a flight attendant so I do travel a lot.  As long as the hotel has free Internet I am usually on each night for a couple of hours. At his time of the year Arizona is eight hours behind the UK. 

I also realize that a good many collectors live in the UK which is great since you have a better knowledge base and access to Pelhams. I would love to meet some collectors that live in the US and Canada.

I am also available via yahoo chat.  My name on yahoo is inflightcub.  Feel free to message me and say hello.

15 June 06  UPDATE
The discussion board is up and running. Feel free to register and post anything you feel fit. Remember it is free. Click on Pinky and Perky below to enter.

If there is anything you would like to see on the site or have something to share please email me and I will get it up as soon as I can.
Thanks again for looking at the new site,